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Table of contents

  1. Setup
  2. Forced Logins?
  3. Lost password?

Fluidd supports JWT authorization through moonrakers authentication endpoints.


  • If you have a fluiddpi install from version 1.15+, then simply add a new user with Fluidd, after which time you’ll be prompted for authorization.

  • If you have an older fluiddpi install, add force_logins to your moonraker configuration. After restarting moonraker, add a user.

 force_logins: true

Forced Logins?

  1. With forced_logins set to true and with no users defined - moonraker defaults to your trusted_clients: setup.

  2. With forced_logins set to true and with one or more users defined - moonraker will ignore your trusted_clients: setup, and require authorization credentials.

  3. With forced_logins set to false, moonraker will always rely on your trusted_clients: setup first.

Under default conditions, a fresh installation would have your client trusted. You can confirm this by noting your currently authenticated user.

Lost password?

Lost your only password? You need to revert to a trusted setup. You can do this by editing your moonraker.conf and turning forced_logins to false.