Slicer Uploads

NOTE: Moonraker needs to be configured to support slicer uploads. Simply add the [octoprint_compat] option to your moonraker config. See moonraker configuration docs for an example.

You can upload your sliced gcode from within PrusaSlicer or SuperSlicer.

  • With PrusaSlicer / SuperSlicer open, click the “cog” icon right of the Printer profiles combo box and select Add physical printer
  • Type a descriptive printer name
  • choose proper printer preset
  • Ensure the type is set to OctoPrint
  • The hostname, IP or URL is your printer URL. Typically this would be fluidd.local or similar (you may also need to add moonraker port, ie 7125 in some cases.)
  • Enter some random characters in the API field.
  • Click test!

screenshot screenshot