OctoEverywhere - Free Remote Access, AI Failure Detection, And More

OctoEverywhere empowers you with free, secure, and unlimited access to your full Fluidd web portal from anywhere, including full-frame rate webcam streaming. OctoEverywhere is a maker community project with servers worldwide, providing a fast and secure connection.

Along with remote access, OctoEverywhere recently launched free and unlimited next-generation AI print failure detection called Gadget. Gadget watches your prints and alerts you or pauses them if it common print issues, saving you time and money.

OctoEverywhere also includes:

  • Real-time status notifications via Telegram, Discord, Email, SMS, Mobile Push, and more.
  • Support for mobile apps, like Mobileraker.
  • Print live streaming with full webcam streams and real-time stats.
  • Secure remote access sharing.
  • And more!

It only takes about 20 seconds to set up OctoEverywhere, follow this guide to get started.