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Have Mainsail installed, or don’t want to install Fluidd locally? We support that!

Fluidd is also hosted at When used in this way, Fluidd is downloaded to your browser.

It has no interaction outside of your network unless configured to do so, and essentially works in the same way as hosting Fluidd yourself.

FluiddPi comes OOB with support for this configuration built in.

If you’ve installed in some other way, then in order for Fluidd to connect to your printer, you’ll need to configure Moonraker.

In the moonraker.conf file is a section called cors_domains:. The host must be in this section for a successful connection to be made.

Generally, you can find the moonraker.conf file here ~/klipper_configuration/moonraker.conf for FluiddPi and Mainsail installs.

Alternatively, you can edit the file via the file browser in Fluidd.

A suitable example can be found here.