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Manual Updates

Table of contents

  1. Fluidd
  2. Moonraker
  3. Klipper
  4. Host Restart

On an already configured system, you can manually update as follows;


# Update files
cd ~/fluidd
rm -R ./*
rm .version
wget -q -O

# Restart services
sudo service nginx restart


# Update files
cd ~/moonraker
git pull

Moonraker requires different update commands depending how long ago you last updated.

# Choose ONE of the following updates..

# Full re-install. Rebuilds virtual env + redefines location of configuration.
./scripts/ -r -f -c /home/pi/klipper_config/moonraker.conf

# Full re-instrall. Rebuilds virtual env.
./scripts/ -r -f

# Regular update.

# Finally, restart services.
sudo service moonraker restart


Note, this guide does not cover MCU updates should one be required after a klipper update.

# Pull the latest code.
cd ~/klipper
git pull

# Restart services.
sudo service klipper restart

Host Restart

If you wish to restart your host;

# To reboot your host.
sudo reboot