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Fluidd uses vue-i18n for its localization.

Locales can be found in the src/locales folder and are in YAML format.

How to contribute

You can contribute in a couple of different ways;

  1. Edit translations using an existing tool. For example, BabelEdit

  2. Edit translations using VSCode, and i18n Ally.

Once you have a translation in hand, you can either PR the code changes directly or create an issue with the translations attached.



Fluidd ships with vue-i18n-extract as a dev dependency, and has an npm script pre-defined.

npm run i18n-extract

Running the above will output a list of missing translations, and un-used keys should there be any.

i18n Ally

i18n Ally is a VSCode extension, giving you inline detail about translations. If you’re setup with VSCode, then this extension comes highly recommended.