Table of contents

  1. Dashboard
  2. Configuration
    1. Metrics Collector
    2. Metrics Explorer

The diagnostics dashboard is an opt-in feature, currently in beta, that allows you to plot various metrics about your printer in a customizable dashboard.

The feature can be enabled in the Fluidd settings under the general section.


The dashboard is separated into 4 columns and allows you to customize the position of each chart. To edit the dashboard layout, simply open Fluidd’s layout editor via the side menu:

screenshot screenshot


The dashboard comes preloaded with a chart to plot speeds and flow rates.
This should give a general overview on how to configure individual charts.
By clicking “Add Chart” or “Edit Chart” in the dashboard, a configuration dialog will open guiding you through the setup process:


Metrics Collector

Each plotted metric runs a collector, based on user-defined JavaScript code.
Metrics are collected once a second or every 250ms when a stepper motor is active.

The default configuration acts as a starting point for scripting your own collectors.
You can test your script by clicking the play icon in the collector config.

The example below calculates the current flow rate based on the printers live_extruder_velocity and the filament_diameter set in the config file.


Metrics Explorer

A metrics explorer is available to check the available data points as well as aid in the creation of scripts. Data points can be inserted into the collector script by clicking their key (name) in the metrics explorer: